Three Quartets, Op.64, No.3 Fragen

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Ignaz Pleyel Student Nationality : Austrian. Johann Hummel Student Nationality : Austrian. Intensifies the direction of its neighboring words, e. It was introduced at the court of Louis XIV. In classical forms such as the symphony or chamber music, the minuet evolved into the more vigorous scherzo. A range of works by opus number, uses the plural "opp.

Project MUSE - Brahms’s Vocal Duets and Quartets with Piano

A single opus number may refer to a collection of works e. For misc. Posthumously assigned numbers may use "Op. Opus numbers may not precisely reflect chronology publication vs.

Thus, the works of some historically important composers may use separate catalog numbers e. Bach, Haydn, Schubert. Explore the string quartet. So you have to be selective, at least in the beginning. It is not a good idea to start at opus 9 or At this point, Haydn was still finding his feet. He was still working out what the string quartet could do and hadn't quite worked out what he himself wanted to do as a composer.

Charles Richard-Hamelin with Apollon Musagète Quartet

For this reason, opus 9 or 17 have never really entered the repertoire. They are fine works and worth listening to, but certainly not as a starting point. After Beethoven and Mozart, you will only be disappointed. Or bored. The first fully mature and developed quartets he wrote are the opus These are, in fact, the first great string quartets ever written. They are powerful and often serious works, rich in contrapuntal writing and highly developed in all kinds of ways. For some, the tone is a little too grave or academic, but they are widely regarded as masterpieces and are regularly performed.

Program NotesBrentano Quartet

After that, you have Opus 33 - fully mature, fully characteristic Haydn. More genial and humorous than opus 20; also, in some ways, a bit lighter. But again, widely regarded as masterpieces. Finally, if you asked a group of Haydn experts to nominate just one set to save from the ashes, it would almost certainly be Opus These are the crown jewels of the Haydn quartets: Haydn at the very peak of his powers.

Playful, moving, complex, sensuous, witty - they have everything. The Lindsays aren't my cup of tea I prefer a leaner, more "period" based sound , but I do have them in opus 76 and they are terrific here - especially in the wonderful slow movements.

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Yes, still around, though I haven't contributed much here of late. I'm incredibly impressed, and can understand the rave reviews they've received everywhere. The Leipzig horn and oboe sound is extraordinary, and Chailly who I'd never rated that highly before conducts with exemplary skill, even enabling me to navigate my way through the first movement of the 2nd without getting lost, not something I've achieved before. Knowing what you think of audiophiles, you won't be interested in the fact that I'm listening on 24 bit 96k downloads, but the sound IS excellent.

I'm conscious I may have strayed off topic a tad. I heard the Lindsays live several times, and always enjoyed them. While I'd recommend their studio recordings of Haydn, I'd steer clear of their live recordings - leader Peter Cropper's tone did not always transfer kindly to tape kindly, especially without the potential for retakes. Has anyone mentioned the Mosaiques yet?

I've not checked right back through this thread. For original instrument style Haydn and Mozart they're well worth a try. I agree with Jane's advice to start no earlier than Op The reason I proposed Opp. In this case, you need only the "top ones". However, if he really wants to explore the field as thoroughly as possible, the starting point should be either Op. On the other hand, it is quite interesting to see the evolution of this genre from the very start from the Father of this medium. Personally, I find enormous beauty, craft, ingenuity and musicality even in the very early Quartets.

With the development of the various works in this field, these qualities become more obvious, advanced, precious. I would suggest, if there is no counter-indication or any limitation whatsoever, to start from the beginning. For some funny reason, for some time now, no label seems to be interested to reissue their recordings. We'll see Who knows In the meantime, one may try some other very fine "contenders" in some stunning recordings. If you are a library, university or other organisation that would be interested in an institutional subscription to Gramophone please click here for further information.

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Log in or register to post comments. Last post. Mon 18th June RE: Haydn String Quartets. In fact I relish the journey I tend to listen a lot to single recordings then when I feel intimate with the music I then buy other recordings to explore more deeply, it is a method that gives me a lot of pleasure. Tue 19th June Thanks again! Thu 26th December Well that's a very succinct comment, Jane, if a little lacking in your recent venom!

"An Die Heimat" from Drei Quartette, Op. 64 by Johannes Brahms

Fri 27th December Then, we have individual recordings of various works in brilliant performances and recordings. I stop here. More can follow depending on your way to proceed.

Three Quartets, Op.64, No.3 Fragen Three Quartets, Op.64, No.3 Fragen
Three Quartets, Op.64, No.3 Fragen Three Quartets, Op.64, No.3 Fragen
Three Quartets, Op.64, No.3 Fragen Three Quartets, Op.64, No.3 Fragen
Three Quartets, Op.64, No.3 Fragen Three Quartets, Op.64, No.3 Fragen
Three Quartets, Op.64, No.3 Fragen Three Quartets, Op.64, No.3 Fragen
Three Quartets, Op.64, No.3 Fragen Three Quartets, Op.64, No.3 Fragen
Three Quartets, Op.64, No.3 Fragen Three Quartets, Op.64, No.3 Fragen
Three Quartets, Op.64, No.3 Fragen Three Quartets, Op.64, No.3 Fragen
Three Quartets, Op.64, No.3 Fragen

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