Stockholm Syndrome

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It typically takes about three or four days for the psychological shift to take hold.

Stockholm Syndrome: The True Story of Hostages Loyal to Their Captor

A strategy of trying to keep your captor happy in order to stay alive becomes an obsessive identification with the likes and dislikes of the captor which has the result of warping your own psyche in such a way that you come to sympathize with your tormenter! The syndrome explains what happens in hostage-taking situations, but can also be used to understand the behavior of battered spouses , members of religious cults, Holocaust victims, household pets , and perhaps even users of Internet Explorer. I think it may also help explain the popularity of government and of the mass institutionalization of young people.

What really happened? Glenside, Australia.

Why some hostages become emotionally attached to their captors.

A perfectly preserved abandoned criminal asylum in South Australia. Added by Amys Crypt. Brisbane, Australia. It's home to the taxidermy remains of Peter, the dog who helped convict a murderer. Added by jbartlett Edinburgh, Scotland.

One Direction - Stockholm Syndrome (Lyrics + Pictures)

A pair of stones embedded in an Edinburgh street remember one of the city's last public hangings. Ledburn, England. Added by Fuch Thanks for sharing!

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What Underlies Stockholm Syndrome? | Psychology Today

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I Accept. A sweeping, eclectic adventure from Mar Apr 8, Learn more about this trip. Thanks for entering! That fear might make it look like kidnap victims are complying with their captors when they're really just paralyzed, Kaslow told BI. Search icon A magnifying glass.

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Stockholm Syndrome Stockholm Syndrome
Stockholm Syndrome Stockholm Syndrome
Stockholm Syndrome Stockholm Syndrome
Stockholm Syndrome Stockholm Syndrome
Stockholm Syndrome Stockholm Syndrome
Stockholm Syndrome Stockholm Syndrome
Stockholm Syndrome Stockholm Syndrome

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