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Others, more interested in saving time and energy than money, buy pavers suitable for use as garden stepping stones. Some people use logs cut up into medallions to make garden stepping stones, although wood certainly wouldn't be a quality choice for damp climates. Why are garden stepping stones such a popular material for building paths? To answer this question, let's first look at some of their characteristics:.

But in addition to their aesthetic potential, garden stepping stones also have practical uses throughout the yard:. The picture shown demonstrates the use of garden stepping stones in a planting bed without mulch. The plants growing in between in the picture are varieties of creeping thyme , which was planted after laying the garden stepping stones. They were selected not only for their height but for their fragrance: when your feet make contact with the thyme, the pleasing aroma will be released. Eventually, the thyme will spread and fill in the area, essentially functioning as a living mulch.

Making garden stepping stones is easy and great fun. In fact, as mentioned previously, you can involve the kids in making them, but be sure to keep safety foremost in mind for both yourself and the kids. To that end, let's begin with a list of safety tips and safety supplies that will come in handy. Making garden stepping stones requires little in the way of materials. Using more than one mold will greatly expedite the process of making garden stepping stones.

Not only does each garden stepping stone have to "wait its turn" if there's only one mold, but you'll also have to mix separate batches of concrete. When searching for molds of a suitable size, remember that garden stepping stones should be about two inches thick and 16 to 18 inches wide. In garden areas, laying concrete stepping stones is a rather straightforward project. Wherever you wish to have a garden path, simply sink the concrete stepping stones into the soil or into the mulch.

There's a bit more to consider when using concrete stepping stones in lawn areas. Still, it's worth the extra effort.

Step Stones

If you have children who are active outdoors, perhaps a "beaten path" already mars your lawn's appearance. Where such paths already exist, the question of path location has already been answered for you. Otherwise, you'll have to decide what the most convenient location would be e. Where aesthetic concerns play an important role, most people choose the winding-path style this holds true in garden areas, too.

To lay out a winding path, use old garden hoses to define the sides; guided by the hoses, spray-paint the lines in. For the straight-path style, use stakes and string for layout. The next question you have to tackle is: Do you want my concrete stepping stone path to have an informal or formal design? The list of authors can be seen in the page history of Across the narrow sea.

Jump to: navigation , search. Region of the Free Cities. Islands of the Known World. Claw Isle Dragonstone Driftmark. Ghaston Grey. Bear Island Skagos Skane. Estermont Tarth. Fair Isle. Braavos Lorassyon Lorath Lys Tyrosh. Ib Far Ib Thousand Islands. Bloodstone Grey Gallows.

Pavers, Rocks & Stepping Stones

Aegon, Rhaenys, and Visenya. Categories : Stepstones Islands Places in the narrow sea. Warning This information has thus far been released in a sample chapter for The Winds of Winter , and might therefore not be in finalized form. Keep in mind that the content as described below is still subject to change. Iron Islands. We're used to weeds around here, but if you are not, consider laying fabric on the path where you will place your stones. I actually enjoy the more natural look, and not one that is so refined. We do, after all, live in the country. Trim, yank, pull or do whatever is necessary to clear weeds from the area where your stones will be.

Keep in mind, you don't want to fight with things getting in the way when painting. As for the Vinca major shown, take my advice. Don't plant it. We'll talk about that later. An easy way to do this is to place the stones as you wish, then run a weed trimmer over the tops and sides of the stones to clear away any plant growth. If you have a work table available, a small stack of newspapers should suffice to keep the paint off your table.

If you are working directly on the ground, a painting shield may come in handy. Simply lay one of your stones on top of a large piece of cardboard or poster board, then trace around it with a pencil. Remove the stone and cut the traced shape out of the board. The cardboard should now fit snugly over the stone. This method allows you to spray only the stone, and not the surrounding materials and plants.

It also helps to keep the spray from landing on stones you have already completed if you are working on a walkway that is already set in place. However, if you simply must, try to sacrifice one that is stained heavily, torn, etc. If hand made, quite a bit of work went into it. Personally, I do not know how to crochet yet and am envious of the talent. If you can't find a vinyl doily, don't fret. There are so many other options! Some of the larger box stores sell lacy plastic or vinyl tablecloths or table runners in rolls or by the yard.

Plastic stencils work great, too, and can often be found in hobby stores in so many shapes, and even alphabet stencils are a thought, too! Consider using word stencils to spell out one of your favorite short quotes, placing one word on each stone.

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You have already thought of ideas, haven't you? After you have placed your painting shield over the stone, lay your doily of choice on top of the stone and give it a good coating of spray paint.

Be sure to focus on the tiny holes, but don't hold the paint too close, or there will be blobs seeping underneath. A light mist around the edge, then the center, then back around again, giving good coverage, but not too heavy. Allow the paint to dry a bit, then carefully lift the doily out of the way, draping it over something to allow any residual paint to dry on the doily. Paint each stone, being careful not to step on them until they are completely dry. After you have sprayed the stones with the lace, allow them to thoroughly dry. Using an exterior sealer, spray the tops of the stones to protect the paint finish.

If you have the funds available, opt for a small can of outdoor polyurethane. Your stones will look twice as gorgeous and the paint will last a lot longer, not to mention the cool beading effect rain will have on them. Mulch really does wonders for the garden. Consider adding some around and in between the stones for a wonderful effect! I chose a nice pine bark nugget, which looks lovely next to the white stones.

Project Overview

Although the lace stones provide quite a decorative effect, the dark mulch really sets it all off. I cannot wait until the rains come, which will darken the mulch even more, wetting the stones, enhancing the look.

Installing Step Stones

This is a favorite place for our cats to hang out, so now that it is photo-worthy, we'll probably be likely to find one of the stinkers on a stepping stone. In fact, if you look at the top of the photo below, you can see Libbie walking on the stone I have yet to paint. But would she take a moment to pause, posing pretty? For those with a keen eye, yes, Libbie is sitting on a stone yet to be painted. Oh, but you thought this project was over, yes?


Not so. One final idea.

Step Stones Step Stones
Step Stones Step Stones
Step Stones Step Stones
Step Stones Step Stones
Step Stones Step Stones
Step Stones Step Stones
Step Stones Step Stones

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