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Do I need to worry about heat dissipation? Will a solid aluminum tube get too hot?

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Most aluminum guards get hot after sustained fire. If you want cool, go carbon fiber If its alum it really needs to be vented, when I was useing alum mine would get too hot in 40 rds, Im useing carbon fiber now and like it much better, cooler and 6or 8 oz lighter. For matches, it doesn't really matter to much more than personal preference. The carbon fiber ones dissipate heat better. My suggestion is go with what fits what you're looking for. I have both ends of the spectrum.

I have an older AR that has a thick solid aluminum handguard with almost no ventilation. If you run a thirty round hoser stage with that upper you would need a batting glove just to be able to hang onto it I wonder if that is why some folks actually use vertical foregrip attachments?

My old heavy handguard would have required a catchers mitt to hold onto after some of those stages. I do remember checking out an AR that had a CF tube and it was a lot warmer to the touch than my JP tube after both had been sitting in the sun for the same amount of time. I have a carbon fiber handguard. I don't know if it is a Clark or Briley they may be one in the same.

It may be slightly cooler than aluminum. But carbon fiber can still get quite hot to the touch. So don't expect to torch of a 30 rounder quickly and expect it to be cool to the touch. Furthermore, carbon fiber is not as rigid as the aluminum handguards and it's attachment to the barrel nut or whatever you call it is bush league it's glued on.

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Though it probably doesn't mean squat, but I believe the flexing of the carbon fiber handguard isn't optimal. If you use a sling, the increase flexing means that the tension can vary.

R2-Im: Iron Mech

If you use a bipod, the flexing may cause a bouncier sight picture. I know you say right now that you won't be attaching rails to it An aluminum handguard gives you the option of using the tube as the "nut". You can't thread a carbon fiber handguard and expect it to hold you gotta use a separate nut.

I have used both alum and carbon fiber in 3 gun. If i get time later ill post a pic of my alum hanguard.

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For now here is my Limited set up. They make stuff for Bushmaster. I don't have much to compare it to but I really like mine. It uses an Armalite "T" style barrel nut included , but they have the option for an aluminum barrel nut to save some weight. There are different diameter tubes so see which fits you the best. I've used alum. LOL Keith. I hate to ask, but did you really pay William C. Livingood of Sayre. At the present time the bride-elect is a senior at Rosemont College, Rosemont, Pa.

Q psake New high-fashion styling, the finest expression of the I gem-setter's art, brings forth a magic radiance from within each ported Keepsake center diamond. The betrothal was blessed on Feb. Knapp where the prospective bridegroom attended high school. Wedding plans are incomplete.

The latest in fashions for men, women and children will be featured during the evening.

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Tickets for this event are available from club members or may be obtained at the door. SHS '54 Glass Plans Reunion Sayre High School Class of is planning a year reunion it was announced today and a meeting for those interested in helping plan the event has been scheduled. All class members are invited to attend the meeting and begin plans for the affair.

Persons unable to attend the meeting but interested in helping plan the reunion should contact Mrs. Owen Fassett, Jr. Elmer Ave. The production will be staged at School tonight through Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. The by the Athens Recreation Commission. John Wildrick, acting Cubmaster, opened the meeting at which time Richard and Robert Barry carried the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance.

This was followed by Mr. Wildrick leading in the Lord's Prayer which was said in unison. Charles Wood and David Wood, both of Den 1 received their denner stripe and one year pin respectively. Wildrick made the presentations.

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  • Den 1, under the leadership of Mrs. Eldyn Wood, exhibited a display on Abraham Lincoln. Den 2, with Mrs. Frances Daniels, den mother, presented an amusing skit on George Washington and also displayed articles made during the month. Robert Yale, district cammisslton- er, assisted by Eldyn Wood and Herbert Keiderling held uniform inspection.

    AR and Service Rifle Smiths — Sinclair's Recommendations

    Wildrick later spoke to the group on Cub Scout Round tables. The occasion was Mr. Sjostrom's 75th birthday. Attending were Mr. Stanley Hotalen, Mr. Willis Kreiser, Mr. Richard Fris-bie, Mr. Donald Edsall, Mr. George Gentile and son Donald, Mr. Remember Me? Thread Tools. Medesha She's a genius. Tools Profile Send PM. I only got to play her original incarnation for seven sessions.

    But those seven sessions were enough to inspire this prestige class. Most of these worshippers are common folk, business men and women who are quick to raise a glass to the Laughing Rogue but whose devotion ends at that. If such a follower is faithful, talented, and devoted enough, he or she may be rewarded with special abilities and powers to be used in service to Olidammara. Hit Die: d8 Requirements: To qualify to become a Winemaker of Olidammara, a character must fulfill all the following criteria. Craft winemaking : 2 ranks Profession vintner : 2 ranks Feats: Brew Potion Spellcasting: Ability to cast 3rd-level divine spells Special: Must be a follower in good standing of Olidammara.

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    • Each time she gains a level in Winemaker, she gains new spells per day as if she had advanced a level in a divine spellcasting class she belonged to before acquiring the Prestige Class. This essentially means that she adds the level of Winemaker to the level of some other divine spellcasting class she has, then determines spells per day and caster level accordingly.

      The liquid can be anything as long as it is drinkable without incurring damage no lava or poisons. Magical liquids thus transformed lose their magical abilities so a potion transformed into wine would be effectively destroyed. The Winemaker can transform up to 2 gallons of liquid per Winemaker level per day in this manner. The ability can be used any number of times a day so long as the total amount of liquid transformed does not exceed 2 gallons per level. When the wine is created, the Winemaker can make a Craft winemaking check to determine the quality of the wine DCs are as follows: 10, poor; 15, average; 20, good; 25, excellent; 30, incredible.

      Saving Medesha Saving Medesha
      Saving Medesha Saving Medesha
      Saving Medesha Saving Medesha
      Saving Medesha Saving Medesha
      Saving Medesha Saving Medesha
      Saving Medesha Saving Medesha
      Saving Medesha Saving Medesha
      Saving Medesha Saving Medesha
      Saving Medesha

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