Quiet Passions

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Quiet Passions

This presence reveals itself to us only in silence, says P. Travers, author of Mary Poppins. It means not tuning into any of them for a period of time. Start with an hour, she suggests, and build up.

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And be patient with yourself. We've all taken a soaking for centuries. You're better able to discern your own voices from those of the culture, the voices that are aligned with life from those that are not. And when you come back to it the media , you hear more clearly the cultural assumptions, the emotional appeals, the tones of voice, the motivations. Not only has the way she hears been changed by her media fasting, but what she hears. For a master-class she took with him, she had to prepare a minute demo tape, and some of the material she put on it—along with a certain "fearlessness and faith" she brought to it—grew directly out of her silencing practice, which occasionally included verbal celibacy.

John Lee's tranquil illustrations will keep you company on a quiet night | It's Nice That

As a result of that tape, she was invited to audition for a vocal performance group McFerrin was then putting together called Voicestra. When she walked in, McFerrin drew a line with his foot on the floor and said to her, "Step into this stream of music and sing what you hear. It's equally important, though, she adds, not to deify silence, even if it greatly tunes the ear. Rachel reminds me of a man I used to know who possessed the uncanny ability to meditate in the middle of a crowd. I once watched him submerge into a trance, his mouth dropping open un-self-consciously, in the bustling cafeteria of a ski lodge at lunchtime.

A novice meditator myself at the time, I was astonished at his imperturbability. He could find silence in the most improbable circumstances, and tolerate it in the most impressive quantities. Whenever I hear someone declared a "strong, silent type," I think of him, not of the kind of person who slips into silence as one would into a bullet-proof vest, in the emotional equivalent of clamping your hands over your ears.

Humans seem to have a kind of psychic blind spot that tends to direct our attention always toward the something rather than the nothing, the fullness rather than the emptiness. And this doesn't always serve our highest callings, and the struggle they often have to be heard amid the tumult. Hey Levoy, I am happy that I stumbled upon your articles. Your such a wonderful writer. Funny enough the day I came across your articles was one of those days I call "hibernation".

I tend to have these times in my life where I do not want to watch Tv, listen to radio or be active on social media at all. I just want to keep to myself, in my bed and in silence it can even go on for more than two weeks.

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

I guess for some people its "Media celibacy" not quite sure if it could mean the same thing but it is great to know that I am not wierd and or that my behaviour and character is strage. Howerver I really liked people's observation at the Abbey of Gethsemani!

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Considering a Career in Public Mental Health? When Sexual Vulnerability Empowers You. Gregg Levoy Passion! Silence Submitted by Bently on October 27, - am. There are people who, like myself, tried to fake an extrovert personality, but were miserable because it. In a world that is increasingly group oriented, that recognizes the loud, outspoken, forceful personality over the quiet, soft spoken, unassuming temperament, this book is a Godsend.

But, while the book explains the tendencies of the introvert and offers some theories on how people develop this type of temperament, and how to cope and compromise in order to fulfill your job duties and family obligations without suffering an overabundance of anxiety or develop depression or a dependence on medication, this book is also a must read for extroverts! How can employers create a workplace setting that brings out the best of both temperaments?

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  • Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain!
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  • 'A Quiet Passion' a study in Emily Dickinson's passions - Chicago Sun-Times.

Many people work better and are far more productive when working alone, and have much to contribute, but are often drowned out by the constant cacophony surrounding them. While I agree with nearly everything the author writes, most of the scientific studies and analogies were only moderately interesting and highly debatable. Not everything mentioned here will pertain to every single person who identifies as an introvert. There is also a section for parents who may worry about an introverted child, and how to encourage that child, not change them.

Overall, I am so happy to see the problems introverts face in an extroverted world, addressed and brought to the forefront. View all 27 comments. Julie Leila wrote: "Julie, this is an extremely interesting review and I know I would like to read this book, although I wouldn't describe myself as an Leila wrote: "Julie, this is an extremely interesting review and I know I would like to read this book, although I wouldn't describe myself as an introvert.

As I have grown older though, I have found many social I can understand why social situations might feel less enjoyable without your partner. Julie Scott wrote: "Introverts unite! Or we already have -- on GR. Nice review, Julie.

Pieces of a dream-Quiet passion

I think you may be onto something there. Scott wrote: "Introverts unite! Jan 29, Bradley rated it it was amazing Shelves: shelf , self-help , non-fiction.

Most of this, to be honest, is self-explanatory, but the rest is a fairly comprehensive exploration of how extroversion became a public ideal back in the 's, replacing the power of character with personality and the social stigma that has ever since been placed upon people who don't seem vibrant and ebullient.

This book tells us to relax. Be ourselves. Value what you value and understand that some people aren't naturally conflict avoidant, that they like to express anger, surround themselves with a bunch of shallow social jostlers, and that we oughtn't judge our extroverted peers when they jump into decision-making strategies that sink ships and endanger the lives of everyone around them just because they couldn't be bothered to think things through before opening their damn mouths. And please don't judge all the sheep that are impressed by the aggressive blowhards and follow on their every word because they're just so damn charismatic, either.

It's okay to think and spend some time alone from others. It might just be the salvation of the world if enough of us just throw off the yoke of social expectations or the stigma of shyness and just get prepared, build up all our talents and reserves in peace, and strike when the time is perfect. We're not unobservant, after all.

We just have little patience for bullshit. And even if society has taught us to lie our asses off whenever we're expected to be gregarious and social in all those damn shallow ways that others tell us are the only way to make it in this world, don't despair. Oh, and GoodReads is a hotbed for a grass-roots introvert revolution.

Quiet Passions

I don't think anyone here will have any real difficulty cultivating contacts and building their networking, because, after all, we're all discussing things that are very important to us and we're diving deep into the material, wallowing in our talents and our passions, and when we rise, And Oh! We will Rise! We will rise like the phoenix from the ashes of social scorn and we will scour the world of all those who would ever deny us our right to sit in silence to read our favorite book or sit in silence to write a chapter in our next brilliant novel.

We Will Overcome! Aside: Some interpretations of this book are mine only and should not be associated with the author. View all 68 comments. Aug 03, Heidi The Reader rated it it was amazing Shelves: non-fiction , favorites , self-help. Quiet entered my life at a particularly low moment. Allow me to set the scene: I had been on vacation for a week and a half. We were in Colorado, visiting my husband's family, some of whom I had met before, others whom I had not. I knew I wasn't going to be entirely comfortable being around people the whole trip- I'm a huge introvert and I'm self aware enough to know that I need downtime, and quite a bit of it, to feel as if I'm functioning normally.

But I didn't realize that my husband, who is Quiet entered my life at a particularly low moment. But I didn't realize that my husband, who is just as introverted as I am and who I was counting on to help me through all of the introductions, dinners, conversations, etc, was going to immerse himself in Pokemon Go a majority of the time and essentially leave me to my own devices.

Quiet Passions Quiet Passions
Quiet Passions Quiet Passions
Quiet Passions Quiet Passions
Quiet Passions Quiet Passions
Quiet Passions Quiet Passions
Quiet Passions Quiet Passions
Quiet Passions Quiet Passions
Quiet Passions Quiet Passions

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