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Because the Libyan health system had foreigners at its heart and they have left, leaving behind a huge void, which has to be filled. The moves by Beijing and Seoul came within hours of the World Health Organisation saying the risk of contamination in some Japanese produce was far more serious than it had expected. In Tokyo, some shoppers were also concerned about the potential threat. Nevertheless, despite the stricter controls in China and South Korea, the WHO said it had no evidence of any contaminated food spreading internationally.


Hundreds of people have taken to the streets across Yemen, part of an ongoing show of anger against the government of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. A crowd of several hundreds mostly students defied the police to march through the streets of the capital, Sanaa. Hundreds also gathered in the cities of Taiz and Aden. Ulft IEih vdm[mKYd. Dfns Iol gJd Islt. Qorw Yzx:qnX,jOoB.

2011年9月24日 (土)

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Remove a feature? By removing a Feature X Title you'll disable that particular feature. Disable module? Disabling the module is super easy - from theme options set Features Hook to Disabled.

2011年9月24日 (土)

Progress bars provide up-to-date information on the progress of a workflow, action or your skills. Each progress bar can have it's own title and a level state in percet. To remove a specific progress bar just clear the Progress X Level option.

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By setting Progress Hook to Disabled you can disable this module all together. You can choose to use blog styled container or not, depending on the added content. Stuff I like. Photo via cardiiib. Photo via trailpace. Post via trinilikesalt.

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