Love Bug: Dont get bitten!

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When not writing her own novels, she translates other people's and also works as a semi-professional singer. Running a dating agency is not perhaps the most logical career step for a woman who has sworn off romance. But for Laurel Page it's perfect - old-fashioned, civilized, safe - she only wishes the quiet life wasn't so, well, quiet. Maybe Laurel should be more careful what she wishes for.

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Read more Read less. Review 'bloody good read' New Woman; 'Top ten book They couldn't bite you if they wanted to. They're fairly neutral.

Joe Loss and his Band "The love bug will bite you" 1937

So what causes the problem is leaving those on the car, until the sun and the heat, and perhaps microorganisms cause them to be damaging. There really isn't any way to control lovebugs, scientists warn.

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Pesticides don't help. The bugs fly up into the breeze to avoid it.

Few predators eat them. Biologists say that now that lovebugs are here, they do serve an important ecological role in Florida. Lovebug larvae convert plant material into organic components that growing plants recycle for food, according to a University of Florida report.

Love Bug: Don't get bitten! by Zoe Barnes -

So they're kind of an organism that brings in the seasons. Lovebugs are back. Many lovebugs swarm near roadways and, as a result, cars that drive through clouds of these insects end up with decreased visibility -- which can result in potential car accidents. They have black bodies and red heads, and they are typically millimeters in length. Although referred to as bugs, these insects are actually flies. Since their time as flies is only a short period of their life cycle, they spend more of their lives as larvae.

Love Bug by Zoe Barnes (Paperback, 2002)

Females lay their eggs on the ground and can have around eggs alone. The good news is although these bugs are a nuisance to drivers, they cannot cause any physical harm to you or your pets. Lovebugs have made Florida their home because they thrive in warm, humid climates -- commonly on the Gulf Coast. Many times these flies are seen in swarms, most commonly during their two specific mating seasons--once in the spring April to May , and then again in the late summer August to September.

Lovebugs are most commonly found swarming cars because they are attracted to the gases emitted from vehicles.

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Here are the most common ways lovebugs can be a hazard:. They can affect your visibility while driving. Because they swarm cars so thickly, they can create clouds that can seriously impair your driving visibility. In extreme cases, they can coat the car's grill to disrupt the engine's airflow, and cause the car to overheat.

Love Bug: Dont get bitten!
Love Bug: Dont get bitten!
Love Bug: Dont get bitten!
Love Bug: Dont get bitten!
Love Bug: Dont get bitten!
Love Bug: Dont get bitten!

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