LE TVP POUR TOUS (French Edition)

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For the Mahabharata , from '74 onwards, a year after the Bouffes du Nord theatre opened, we were looking for new subjects for plays, and we attended a conference given by Philippe Lavastine about Ancient India, and he cited the Mahabharata , which we didn't know. No one knew about it in the West except maybe via the Bhagavad-Gita, its central piece, a very well known text, extremely dense, the most famous sacred text in the Eastern world. So Lavastine initiated both of us to the Mahabharata , told us about it at his place, and we decided to take it up; it was 3.

We often talk about that night with Peter, saying, 'We will do it' even though it is a gigantic story, 12 times longer than the Bible.

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It is the fundamental poem of the whole Indian culture, therefore the difficulties were gigantic, and he said, 'We'll manage it'. And he said two sentences in the next few days that helped me a lot. He said, 'We'll do it whenever we do it, no time limit. We will do other stuff in the meantime, we will do it when we are ready'. And indeed, it took us 11 years before we tackled it. And then he said, 'It will be as long as it needs to be.

Don't worry about how long it is, let's see what we can tell'. And once we started on it, we ended up with a 9-hour play, shown over three days. And from time to time we were showing it as a marathon, starting at 4. It was a work of exploration of the poem and of India, where we often went, working with Indian theatre groups from all traditions, to watch how they work on such-and-such a scene of the Mahabharata , although we knew we couldn't work on it the same way, since we weren't Indians, and we had to work on it in French How do you translate Sanskrit, what do you call the characters If, in French you say, 'I have seen Dhristadyumna or Dhristarashtra' will the audience remember who that is?

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LE TVP POUR TOUS (French Edition) LE TVP POUR TOUS (French Edition)
LE TVP POUR TOUS (French Edition) LE TVP POUR TOUS (French Edition)
LE TVP POUR TOUS (French Edition) LE TVP POUR TOUS (French Edition)
LE TVP POUR TOUS (French Edition) LE TVP POUR TOUS (French Edition)
LE TVP POUR TOUS (French Edition) LE TVP POUR TOUS (French Edition)
LE TVP POUR TOUS (French Edition) LE TVP POUR TOUS (French Edition)
LE TVP POUR TOUS (French Edition) LE TVP POUR TOUS (French Edition)
LE TVP POUR TOUS (French Edition) LE TVP POUR TOUS (French Edition)

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