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Please take a moment to check it out here. Who has Emily fallen in love with? What class is he from?

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Why hasn't she seen him before? His mother seemed to be powerless but still sympathetic towards her son but she did nothing. She turned a blind eye to the abuse of her son. I wanted to shake her! What I want is justice!! And then maybe I would be happy with two teenagers who would be free from abuse and manipulation to explore their love. That's my ending. Rant over. I gave it three stars. The writing is excellent, well worth five stars or more, but I just didn't enjoy the story so I couldn't give it more stars. The story is very atmospheric. The writing takes you to rural America where 'religion and ritual' supposedly hold sway in the open but in reality is superficial because secrets and darkness hold sway behind closed doors.

And so for me this is a story with a dream like surface.

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It is the kind of writing that reminds me of shimmering summer heat but underneath is the stuff of nightmares, utter darkness, desperation and horror. The religion to me was part of the veneer of respectability and everyone knows full well how child abusers can remain hidden in the guise of respectability not just in church but in any responsible or prominent position in society.

So for me there were incredibly dark undertones. I am not sure whether this is what the story is trying to convey or whether I am reading this through a 21st century lens of historic child abuse allegations and child protection procedures. For people who work with children these can make us hyper vigilant which isn't a bad thing but can colour how we see things. And so this is how I have seen the story. Through the eyes of a professional who works with children and is trained to be alert to abusers and to the abused whether children or adults.

My dream for this story is that the mother would wake up and take steps to protect her son. That the Father would be arrested and thrown in jail or perhaps have a millstone tied around his neck and be thrown into the sea just as Jesus suggested for those who abuse children Mark and that the bullying and violent teenager be apprehended and also dealt with by the law. I didn't like the ending because it left me feeling unsatisfied.

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  4. What happened? I guess as a reader I am left to draw my own conclusion. I dislike open ended stories. I like at least a hint of the ending otherwise to me it feels a little like a cop out and I didn't get that ending here. We are left to dream the ending for ourselves. For me it seems as if Nathan was very much alive at the end or maybe he wasn't but whatever happened he gave Roy the chance to leave his small town where horror happens behind closed doors.

    And Nathan whether alive or dead also managed to escape and move to freedom. Whether alive or dead both boys were able to escape to freedom. And for that I am grateful. But I definitely will not be watching the film! View all 16 comments. Sep 01, Nancy rated it really liked it. Wow, I don't know what to make of this. I heard about it on NPR; the commentator, a gay man, said he wished he had had this book when he was a teenager, because it would have told him he was not alone. That seemed a good reason to read it.

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    Dream Boy follows Nathan, a bright, delicate year-old-boy, as he falls into a dreamlike courtship with Roy, an older, popular boy at Nathan's new school. Though the sex never feels prurient, the novel is unrelentingly sexual. I started to wonder Wow, I don't know what to make of this. I started to wonder if there was a single moment of Nathan's life when he wasn't obsessing about sex - and then I realized that Nathan is a fifteen-year-old boy, so the answer might well be NO. What makes the novel so powerful and it is powerful is the haunting sense of doom that hangs over every moment: sex is dangerous to Nathan in ways that I can hardly imagine, and his situation made me want to hurry up and finish the book before everything came crashing down.

    The relationship between the two boys is poignant, confused, touchingly inarticulate, and haunted by the emotional and physical peril implicit in their bond. The final denouement, which takes place in a haunted house, is both eerie and disturbingly concrete; my conscious mind was going "Wait, what happened there? This is a very short novel, almost a novella; but it's complex, lyrical, disturbing. Worth reading. Jan 20, Irissska rated it really liked it Recommends it for: people who is ok with no "Happily Ever After ". I am still under impression of this book.

    Since the moment I read the last page I have thought about it all the time. You will find a lot of reviews on this book here, both negative and positive. And I agree with both. As for me, I liked this book. Really liked. And you shouldn't believe reviewers that the book is worth of reading or it isn't.

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    Just read it yourself and decide. I know that I am not the only one. First I couldn't understand what it was. I thought a lot about it I guess the ending of the book is something everybody must decide for himself. I think the MC has died and what happened to him after is some kind of his personal heaven or that is how people who belong to each other meet after death.

    But as I am the person who doesn't believe in life after death, heaven and miracles, there is nothing good at all in the ending of the story. For me he is just dead. He was a bright boy, whose father raped him; whose mother ignored him; whose boyfriend had a girlfriend while he and MC were secretly seeing each other; who was raped and killed by another boy He is dead.

    That is his life. That is what life can be for some people. Some people see this other way. Good for them I guess I will remember it very well all my life.

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    I hope my review is clear enough to understand my thoughts. Dream Boy is a tender love story that is also sensual and violent. It is the story of two high school boys who fall in love. Roy and Nathan are neighbors and the attraction is immediate and profound. They are secretive and tentative about their relationship but it is intense and astonishing in its power. Roy and Nathan attend the same high school where Roy is a senior and Nathan is a sophomore. Nathan has just moved to the area. His family moves often because his father can't keep a j Dream Boy is a tender love story that is also sensual and violent.

    His family moves often because his father can't keep a job and drinks a lot. Nathan has a horrible home life with secrets and shame that cause him to isolate himself from others. Meeting Roy brings him out of his shell and connects him with others. The writing in this book is beautiful. It sings, massages, touches the heart, and is soulful.

    Dream Boy Dream Boy
    Dream Boy Dream Boy
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    Dream Boy Dream Boy
    Dream Boy Dream Boy
    Dream Boy Dream Boy

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