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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Global Achievements. Rapanui View Profile View Posts. I am informed by the bar owner that Ekun is missing and I immediately go to his location at the bridge to find him fighting with that other woman killing Giants.

From researching online video I see that people can have Ekun stop killing Giants and instead invite the main character to go do a memorial to his family over at ruined tower, but I seem to only have 2 results with Ekun, which are to accept his blood lust by killing Giants with him, or him getting angry with me and attacking me. Upon leaving the area and returning to the map I see new event is happening at the Ruined tower, and if I fought Ekun my journal asks me to talk to him at the capital, and one entry to talk to him after it says giants took advantage and attacked us while he got mad.

If I goto Ruined tower he is there with medium sized dog, the barkeep, and a pile of wood ready to burn, but I am unable to talk to him. If I talk to him at the capital the Ruined Tower thing goes away completely, and if I go to the Ruined Tower and leave, then it'll be gone too. Is this intended in the game that I did certain events where he is locked into being a vengeful guy, and locked out of doing the memorial for his family?

Here are some of the decisions I have made before.

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Aside from the dialog being different with him responding to asking him to not be all vengueful, I notice that the videos I saw where he doesn't get mad don't include mentioning the Troll he got revenge on in the first set of dialog options, which I believe are a total of 3, but my game including the recent game I saw online that had the same results as me has a 4th option mentioning the Troll he killed. That dialog option exists in the older videos after you exhaust the initial 3 dialog options. I'd like to get Ekun to find peace in this playthrough, and especially have a more dramatic confrontation with that woman who is poisoning him.

Anyone do this companion quest before October 18th and found it fruitless to try and calm him down, or do I have some bug in the game?

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments. Those probably lead you to conclusion. I liked the grumpy weapon smith , another character to learn more about. Seeing things from Shays perspective is enjoyable and I want more Jul 10, Rob Enderle rated it it was amazing. This whole multi-thread series it just a ton of fun. Hasn't been a single book I didn't like so far and damned if they aren't turning them out faster than I can read them.

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Heck of a ride, they are doubling up on content with the overlapping story lines but that didn't bother me and it is overshadowed by their incredible production rate. Impressive work. Jul 10, Veronica rated it it was amazing. Moments of truth Reading about the events from Shay's point of view that happened in The Brownstone books is interesting.

We see a more complete picture, and it fills in some gaps. We also see more of Shay's thoughts, and new information. There are lots of new concepts and characters, and I'm enjoying the character development, particularly the self-discovery aspect. May 22, Bobby Childers rated it it was amazing. Another excellent book from Carr and Anderle in the Oriceran Universe.

Bury the Past (Detective Penley, #2) by James L'Etoile

Shay is outstanding in her latest adventure, she learns more about herself with each "mission". Shay does meet a new Russian antagonist and that could prove interesting in the future.

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  7. Good book, can't wait for the next one. Jun 02, Richard W Lindsey rated it really liked it. Loved it Both this book and the one before it helps humid on the storyline of Brownstone and Carson's previous years. I love Shay's snarky attitude it make her more lifelike and alitte like Lara Croft. A new dog for Brownstone would be very cool along with them hooking up. May 22, George Lawson rated it it was amazing.

    Good stuff Seems strange to read about events in Mr. Brownstone 's from a different perspective but I like it. Shay 's take is fun and enhances the whole narrative. Looking forward to more from both and am also excited to hear the Alison is going to featured in her own series.

    Bury the Past

    Keep them coming. Aug 13, Dennis Heizelman rated it it was amazing. I still like it. I really don't have anything bad to say about the book s. I like the characters and the stories. Jul 03, Maria Myrback rated it it was amazing. May 22, Lois Alston rated it it was amazing. Great exciting story Loved reading more from What's point of view and her life. There are a lot of adventures happening, a lot of dangerous adventures. But Shay is just the woman to handle them. Loved it. May 24, Velma Hayes rated it it was amazing.

    Bury The Past, But Shoot It First

    What a nice concept! Books explaining characters separately, to tell a more complete story when combined. Did I explain that right? I'm so looking forward to the next in this series. I think this should continue, will Alisen be next? May 24, RVingPsychic rated it it was amazing.

    Great new series Better than the first one. Martha and Michael have done an excellent job with character development and a solid story. One of my favorites. Jun 20, Ann Zdunczyk rated it it was amazing. You always wonder how each character sees things and now you got to!! Past subjunctive I. Past perfect subjunctive I. Imperative you. Present participle. Past participle. Translations for "to bury" Translations for "to bury" in our English dictionaries "to bury" Spanish translation "to bury" Arabic translation "to bury" Chinese translation "to bury" Czech translation "to bury" Danish translation "to bury" Dutch translation "to bury" Finnish translation "to bury" French translation "to bury" German translation "to bury" Greek translation "to bury" Hindi translation "to bury" Hungarian translation "to bury" Indonesian translation "to bury" Italian translation.

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    Bury The Past Bury The Past
    Bury The Past Bury The Past
    Bury The Past Bury The Past
    Bury The Past Bury The Past
    Bury The Past Bury The Past

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