Bad Faerie and the Grotto of the Goblins

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Very few types of magic cannot be accomplished using the purple fey sticks. Gray Fey Sticks : Gray fey sticks are prized by battle mages of all denominations, for they are very effective in evoking the powerful area effect damage spells that these wizards rely on. Their second sphere of influence is stone magics. Yellow Fey Sticks: Yellow fey sticks are often used in magics that effect spirits or undead, although they are only able to effect the weakest of the dead. They are much more effective in spiritual or divinatory magics. Pink Fey Sticks: Pink fey sticks are used in many types of wound inducing magics.

Most of the time, battle magic type spells that effect the flesh are derived from this type of fey stick. Black Fey Sticks : Black fey sticks are infused with a number of powers, most of which are used by less scrupulous mages and alchemists. Black fey sticks are used in controlling and creating some types of undead, and can be extremely useful in the use of curses and cursed magic. Very little else is known about their use, for they are dangerous to the person owning them as well as the person studying them, for their magic tends to "leak" into the world.

It is speculated that the Fairy may have used the black fey sticks to effect the curse upon the Goblins that polymorphed them into the now famous amulets retrieved last year by various adventurers. Silver Fey Sticks: Silver fey sticks are infused with potent magics having to do with illusions, and gateways. These fey sticks are readily covetted by Deceivers to improve their illusionary magics, or to smith their deceptive magic items.

They also can be used by mages or scholars, who wish to travel to, or gain protection from other planes.

Their prescence near magic mirrors are said to improve the mirrors scrying powers. It is said that the silver fairy ring and its fey sticks are the most sacred to the fairies, and the fey sticks and their mushrooms must not be taken without the permission of the fairies.

Bottle Grotto

The fairies are so protective of this ring, because it is a direct portal to the Fairy Queen's court in Eidenhomme. When spring has come and all is puddle-luscious, the wee children of the Fay will dance around the first born seedlings that have sprouted up. They will weave protective magics on them so to keep them from being trod upon and eaten by the forest animals. When the tree outgrows the magic shielding the spell will break leaving the magical residue of Tears. The tears are much like the Dryad Tears found in the trunks of their trees.

They are smooth glass like gems of a wide range of color. Unlike the Dryad's Tears, the Fairy Tears have no inherent magic but are very useful as magical spell components and for jewelry. They are cursed but one can ask permission by doing the Ritual of the Fay. That one silver ritual will protect you for a week. Remember that one should only take one per tree as is the law of the forest. Goblin Runesticks. Runesticks are magically crafted items that carry a potent charge of energy.

This energy remains stored by a binding formula that links it to runes written on the stick. When the runes are translated and read in a language understood by the finder, the magic energy of the stick is released, thus performing the intent of the creator. Runesticks are dangerous items, for in order to understand what their purpose is, one must activate the charge.

Most types of identification spells seem to fail when attempted upon a runestick. The magic of the runestick is sometimes recharged after a suitable period of time, though this is not necessarily the case. The runesticks are also repositories of both good and harmful magic energies. Runesticks appear to be primarily a creation of the goblins. They are created with multiple effects, but only one true purpose- to bring adventurers into the Goblin Woods.

Legend of the Quille du Diable

Most adventurers wisely avoid areas where the goblins mass, for the creatures are especially deadly in numbers. Avoid them, that is, if there is no clear path to wealth. But Adventurers will take almost any risk in the pursuit of wealth and power, and these rune sticks thus become the bait for adventurers. The runesticks are usually produced in nearly equal quantities of good and bad rods. The sticks with good results serve to whet the appetite of any adventurers who find them, as well as drive in more people who are desperate for money.

The bad sticks have effects which generally increase the wealth of the goblin tribe. For example, a stick which causes a suit of leather armor, or a dagger to disappear will make it reappear in the goblins horde. A stick that makes money disappear also adds this money to the treasure of the Goblin King. Sticks that make items, coins, or weaponry appear, take these items from the Goblin's horde. Sticks that kill adventurers transport their bodies to the Goblin Woods, and those that sicken them cause them to be infected with a wandering disease that makes them rove back to where the goblins live; making them easy prey for the goblins or other forest denizens.

Thus can the goblins plunder the newly made corpses. Perhaps the most important function of the runesticks is simply to bring people INTO the Goblin Woods so that the goblins can ambush and kill them. Many people whose fortunes are down to the last two coppers that they can pay for a translation at the library or a Tongues spell at the Temple have crept into the Goblin Woods.

Fairies Are Real: A real-life story about meeting Goblins

They hope to bring back the runestick that will lead them to a treasure horde, or deliver a pouch full of coins into their hand, only to have their blood spilled and their coppers taken and added into the Goblin King's horde. But, it is a gamble, and most people always take a chance in order to easily increase their wealth.

This setup appears to be the main way that the goblins generate their wealth, which they are constantly trying to increase. It is thought that they do so in order to sacrifice part of their wealth to their gods in the never ending attempt to stay alive and increase their powers.

The runestick magic also carries one other known danger, particularly to diviners. Runesticks are created with a power that warps any type of scrying spell, and always makes the result appear positive.

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Many a diviner has been sucked into the trap of trying to scry the results of evoking a runestick,, only to be fried to a crisp when their predictions are wrong. Beware, any scrying attempts will reveal that the sticks are lucky. Recently, there have been four types of runesticks found in the woods those that are created by the shamans of Arboleth, which are red , orange , and brown colored, and those that were enchanted by the shamans of Thaleus, these are black with silver runes.

Red Runesticks hold first level boons and curses. Orange runesticks contain second level powers and brown carry third level magics, while black sticks retain fifth level spells. Each deity grants a boon or curse that is within their province of power. Vine the Lord of the Wood created green runesticks which are always helpful to his human allies and hold about a second level boon.

A land of legends - Villars-Gryon – Les Diablerets – Bex (Switzerland)

Gnomish Treasure Runes. Many travelers are both surprised and thrilled to stumble upon the markings of a rune of treasure, for they known that somewhere within a short radius of the rune is a small container with treasure in it. Unless another person has already plundered the little treasure horde, it is there for the taking.

The hordes have never been known to be trapped in any way and usually hold Copper Pieces worth of treasure. The marking of a treasure appears as a large triangle made up four smaller triangles. Leprechaun Cakes. Leprechaun cakes are a strange commodity found scattered about any magic wood. They are baked by the Leprechaun, who are the most reclusive of the Fairie races by nature, though the Dwarves are rarer and less frequently spotted.

Leprechauns bake the cakes with some small cryptic message or map within. These messages will lead the reader to a small treasure of 3 Copper Pieces. The treasure can be freely taken by whoever finds it. The cakes are meant to be eaten and are fairly good energy sources for travellers, except for those who have lack the ability to digest certain sweets.

On each cake is a single magic candle. This magic candle is used at a later time to complete the bargain that the Leprechaun force upon those who take their cakes and treasure. Those who take three cakes each time are required to go to a place of power and perform the ritual of the Leprechaun. During this ritual, the person must name one of his companions.

Bad Faerie and the Grotto of the Goblins

This companion will automaticly lose whatever the treasure the invoker performing the ritual and having the three candles. Needless to say, this can be a frustrating and angering experience, and has been the cause of many a fight or duel between former friends within the town. However, it does motivate adventurers to find as many cakes as they can to make sure that they are on the giving end of the Ritual of the Leprechaun, as well as create a good black market for the unused magic candles.

For the one who finds cakes and performs the ritual wins on both ends. Money changers are very fond of this bargain of the Leprechaun, for it throws many otherwise successful travellers into instant debt, thus providing an easy opportunity for them to make money in interest. It is rumored that the Leprechaun actually profit from this bargain and have great treasure troves hidden about to receive their booty.

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It is also believed that this is why the Leprechaun are so reclusive; for fear that they will be caught and forced to divulge the whereabouts of one of their vaults. Leshy are woodland faerie closely related to Gnomes and Booka. They hide their treasures in dry gourds. Inside the gourds are 1 Silver Piece and sometimes they also a contain leshy spell word that gives a minor trick or a treat and on rare occasions a Word of Power.

Much like their gnomish cousins, the prescence of these gourds is indicated by a treasure rune.

Bad Faerie and the Grotto of the Goblins Bad Faerie and the Grotto of the Goblins
Bad Faerie and the Grotto of the Goblins Bad Faerie and the Grotto of the Goblins
Bad Faerie and the Grotto of the Goblins Bad Faerie and the Grotto of the Goblins
Bad Faerie and the Grotto of the Goblins Bad Faerie and the Grotto of the Goblins
Bad Faerie and the Grotto of the Goblins Bad Faerie and the Grotto of the Goblins
Bad Faerie and the Grotto of the Goblins Bad Faerie and the Grotto of the Goblins
Bad Faerie and the Grotto of the Goblins Bad Faerie and the Grotto of the Goblins
Bad Faerie and the Grotto of the Goblins Bad Faerie and the Grotto of the Goblins

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