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A Million Miles Away

Russ Mantle has achieved the absolutely remarkable feat of becoming the first person in the UK to cycle one million miles in his life, aged The former carpenter and joiner has averaged a staggering 14, miles every year for the last 68 years, having first started cycling in Hitting a million miles is just another milestone.

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On to the next one. Mr Mantle began his odyssey without the benefit of Strava or GPS recording, so he wrote down details of his rides in paper diaries including results from many race wins in time trials. F or most pensioners in their eighties, an eight-day stay in hospital would be a sure sign that it is time to pack in any strenuous or taxing hobbies.

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But not Russ Mantle, who tomorrow will become the first Briton to cycle one million miles in his lifetime - and is still riding 25 miles every other day. Some are so detailed they even mark significant historical events such as the Twin Tower terror attacks on September 11th in Mr Mantle, who worked for the Department of Environment for 25 years until he retired at the age of 57, added that he even notes temperature, wind direction, cafes and villages he passes through.

A ccording to the , Mile Cycling Club, the next Briton to aim for the title is still , miles behind Mr Mantle. N evertheless on Thursday, he will be joined by the cycling community as they complete the mere five-mile route, that will see Mr Mantle ride his millionth mile, from his home in Aldershot, Hants, to a cafe in Mytchett, Surrey on his cherished Holdsworth road bike which he has owned since The athlete, who has never married and said cycling is his 'true love', said: "It is quite the achievement I suppose. This may take a while given that most carmakers have yet to make current batteries more affordable to bring down the price of an EV enough to motivate more people to buy one.

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This Honda Civic Hit a Million Miles on its Original Engine and Transmission - The Drive

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  • Irina Slav Irina is a writer for Oilprice. More Info. Premium Content. By Irina Slav for Oilprice. Do you know the difference between should be able to power an electric vehicle for over 1 million miles and is able to power an electric?

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    If you have an EV with a few dozen moving parts instead of an ICE with a few hundred moving parts, it makes a lot of sense to build that EV with a million mile battery. This is so exciting.

    If the same battery can be used in five cars one after another, then won't it automatically become cheap? How about separating the battery ownership from the car ownership? But an autonomous robot taxis would hit 1 million miles. Most people won't keep their cars a million miles because today's cars don't last a million miles.

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    Listen I make 45k a year and my car has miles on it. I would love to know that I have the security of the car lasting me to or , miles but I don't. So maybe some people don't need a car that last longer but the lower end of the pay scale drives around in everyone's old used cars so we could definitely benefit from it.

    A Million Miles A Million Miles
    A Million Miles A Million Miles
    A Million Miles A Million Miles
    A Million Miles A Million Miles
    A Million Miles A Million Miles

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