13 Tales of Evil, Horror and Fright

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The trail includes a dark escape route within the walls of Claustrophobia, a woodland maze trail, a graveyard forest, and abandoned railway line. To depart the trail before the FearFest-Evil Creatures of the Night emerge, you must go through the big dark tunnel and spooky cave to collect your Halloween treat. Congratulations you have survived the FearFest-Evil family maze trail. Please Note: The Halloween trail has uneven and muddy ground.

Visitors must be able to walk un-aided and have good levels of health and fitness to take part in this event. Sturdy footwear and outdoor clothing appropriate to the time of year and weather conditions must be worn. Children must be aged 3 and over, and fully mobile. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult with a maximum of 1 adult per child and a maximum of 2 adults per group.

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There is no charge for adults accompanying children. There are three grades of Wigwam to suit all budgets. They were all really careful to match their attitude and delivery at a level our children were comfortable with — my daughter 6 was particularly uncertain at first but was enthralled within minutes of meeting the first character who led us on the start of our journey. Both children were allowed to wear their costumes on their trip we took a witch and a skeleton with us and as adults we got to go along for free!

My 9 year old boy now says he wants to come to the evening event when he turns 16 and the only time my daughter cried for real was when it was time to leave! Every member of staff we met — from those working in reception to the simply awesome scare maze actors right through to the on-site security — everyone acknowledged us in a friendly way and wanted to know if we were enjoying our visit!

Holiday Horror Movies: Fright Films for (Almost) Every Occasion

Lots and lots of interaction and actors. Great sets and amazing location. Really really well done and great fun! Loved it! Actors are very good! Wish we had paid extra and done the zip wire though!! Plenty of screams, jumps and giggles. The Death Slide was the perfect finale with some gorgeous hot food waiting to warm us up at the end of it all. Staff were enthusiastic and friendly. We paid extra to do the zip wire which was fab would like to do again in the light, and we also got drink and food vouchers which was really good, food was yummy.

The walk itself was extremely jumpy and lots of screams. We had a fab night thanks Fear Fest.

13 Short, Creepy Stories That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You | Thought Catalog

I thought it was well played out; actors done a fab job, staff were friendly and helpful. I will deffo attend again.

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  • Staff and actors was awesome. It is what you make of it. See you next year. Well done Fear Fest for putting on a great show. Lots of jumps scares and laughs. Lots of fun with some scares! Very well organised and the actors were great. Lot of laughs and good fun! The clown was the best had us walking thru tunnels and into dark rooms. Was tons of fun!

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    • Jack Of Ravens: Kingdom of the Serpent: Book 1 (GOLLANCZ S.F.).
    • The horror of M. R. James..
    • Moo and Baa Christmas no:25 (Moo and Baa stories. Book 1)!
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    • They all did a really great job! Very friendly staff. Very jumpy, and well worth the money.

      Our immersive horror experience returns 2020

      Just returned and we enjoyed it so much! Great set up and such a laugh!!! Thank you Fear Fest!! Creepy actors and a great story followed by the Death Wire. Loved it. Definitely coming back with a bigger group! I am a huge wimp anyway but there was constant scares and the actors were so good!! The haunted house was awful, I started crying and the zip wire was a great way to finish it off! We had great fun, lots of screams and jumps. Hope you guys will be doing it next year! Massive thumbs up! The actors were fab and the staff were really friendly. The zip wire was fantastic!!!

      The group me and my mates were in with were also a wicked laugh! Really enjoyable, would recommend it to anyone! The horror activities run all evening from 6. Since then, dances had been banned. It's like Footloose with blood force trauma. Assuming you're not too busy drinking or pinching people who don't wear green, catch this campy flick about a leprechaun freed from a trap after 10 years only to discover that his precious gold has been taken.

      He goes about killing anyone who gets in between him and his gold -- including Jennifer Aniston. Rich girl Buffy's birthday bash on a deserted island on April 1st turns into a bloodbath when a mysterious killer begins bumping the guests off -- until the twist ending , that is.

      A pair of men who abuse a mentally challenged boy get their comeuppance when a killer dressed in a Easter bunny mask enters the picture carrying power tools. While you're out celebrating the foliage, consider watching this movie about the systematic eradication of man by shrubbery as a reminder that trees should not be trusted. If you're one of the few who still find themselves dancing around a maypole once a year, you may want to watch some kindred spirits in this film about a pious Christian policeman who investigates the case of a missing girl on an island inhabited by pagans preparing for their May Day festival.

      It's only appropriate that a holiday honoring dead soldiers would be celebrated by watching a movie about a dead or undead soldier. In this cult film from Bob Clark Black Christmas , a Vietnam veteran returns home, but he ain't quite right. That is to say, he ain't quite alive.

      He sits in a chair all day staring blankly into space, then spends his evenings attacking people and ingesting their blood in order to stave off decomposition. In his defense, people can be quite yummy. Celebrate the Mexican holiday with this film about a group of Americans who get stuck in a Mexican ghost town that becomes overrun by zombies on the Day of the Dead.

      On the bright side, think of all the stories you'll have about the "running of the corpses. This low-budget black-and-white indie didn't make much noise when it was released onto the drive-in circuit in the early s, but it's gone on to become one of the most celebrated horror films of the decade. It's a hallucinatory tale of a young woman who believes she's being stalked by a mysterious man -- or maybe she's simply losing her mind.

      Stick with it through the dry spots because act three is straight-up terrifying, provided you've been paying attention and have all the lights off. There's a tendency to let great horror movies percolate for a few years before putting them on any sort of "all-time greatest" lists, but, oh well, Get Out is just that good. After all, how many horror films can you name that won Best Original Screenplay?

      13 Tales of Evil, Horror and Fright 13 Tales of Evil, Horror and Fright
      13 Tales of Evil, Horror and Fright 13 Tales of Evil, Horror and Fright
      13 Tales of Evil, Horror and Fright 13 Tales of Evil, Horror and Fright
      13 Tales of Evil, Horror and Fright 13 Tales of Evil, Horror and Fright
      13 Tales of Evil, Horror and Fright 13 Tales of Evil, Horror and Fright
      13 Tales of Evil, Horror and Fright 13 Tales of Evil, Horror and Fright
      13 Tales of Evil, Horror and Fright 13 Tales of Evil, Horror and Fright

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